5 Simple Planting Themes

1.  Tropical or sub-tropical  

  • Good palms are Golden Cane, Bangalow Palms.
  • Other tropicals are Hibiscus, Tahitian Frangipani, Strelitzea
  • Avoid fruit-bearing palms which attract fruit bats and rats and drop nuts and fronds into your garden

2.  Formal                             

  • Geometric layout
  • pathways bordered with clipped hedges
  • use of feature ‘focal point’ (a tree, sculpture or well-placed rock)

3.  Informal                           

  • Random planting 
  • mass planting of plant varieties to accentuate a topographical feature e.g. lomandra or grevillea ‘Poorinda Royal Mantle’ 

4. Australian or Exotic Varieties

  • create screen planting using Australian wattles and grevilleas
  • plant exotics like Japanese Maple for a feature position but Australian natives and sun-hardened varieties are best, e.g. Poinciana, Leopard Tree, but most trees look special if they’re planted in a feature position

5. Country Cottage  

  • Hydrangeas, agapanthus, climbing rose
  • Plant low to high to give a good view of all varieties
  • Carefully consider colour theme


Evergreen or Deciduous Trees

  • plant deciduous trees to the west and north-west for shade in summer and sun in winter
  • plant evergreens where you want continual shade, protection from wind or privacy